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See more. Rest You Merry. Book 1. Each December, the faculty of Balaclava Agricultural College goes wild with holiday decorations.

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The entire campus glitters with Christmas lights, save for one dark spot: the home of professor Peter Shandy. Then the horticulturalist flees town, planning to spend Christmas on a tramp steamer. After all, Christmas is big business, and the town needs the cash infusion that typically comes with the Illumination.

The Luck Runs Out. Book 2.

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Although the police recover Helen quickly, her professor husband is badly shaken by the ordeal. By the time Peter discovers the link between the two heists, pigs may really fly. Wrack and Rune.

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  6. Wrack and Rune (Peter Shandy, #3) by Charlotte MacLeod.

Book 3. A professor ponders the possibility of an ancient Viking curse while investigating a death by quicklime, in a novel by the Edgar Award—nominated author. When year-old Hilda Horsefall tells young reporter Cronkite Swope of a stone carved with Norse runes that once sat in the nearby woods, the writer starts salivating at the thought of breaking the news that Vikings once marauded through their sleepy Massachusetts countryside. A farmhand has been burned to death by quicklime, and Cronkite gets an exclusive scoop.

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In this neck of New England, strange deaths are invariably referred to Professor Peter Shandy, the only local with the know-how to connect fearsome quicklime to the Vikings of old. But as he digs into the ancient mystery, he finds the forgotten Norse gods are not above demanding a modern sacrifice. Something the Cat Dragged In. Book 4. An unpleasant man in every respect, university professor Herbert Ungley is exceedingly vain. Ungley is found in the yard behind his social club, with his head bashed in and his baldness plain for the world to see. Although the police are content to call it an accident, sleuthing horticulturalist Peter Shandy is unconvinced, and finds there are too many unanswered questions.

How did Ungley come to have such a bulging bank account? And whose is the second body in the woods? The Curse of the Giant Hogweed. Book 5. Chasing a vile English plant, Professor Peter Shandy and his friends go on a most peculiar trip The giant hogweed, a creeping menace known for crushing the life out of any plant foolish enough to get in its way, has put the hedgerows and pastures of the English countryside in jeopardy.

Fishermen find their streams clogged, young lovers are caught with rashes in embarrassing places, and the English nudist colony has been all but exterminated. But when Shandy and his colleagues set out to find hogweed samples, they stumble into an unusually mystical adventure. Trapped in a land of castles, wizards, and knights, Shandy must use every scrap of his horticultural genius to get back home—lest the hogweed triumph in his absence.

More featuring detectives. The follow-up to Death by Cashmere: next in the new mystery series set in a tight-knit seaside community. Dorothy Cannell.


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