Spiritual Core of Master Mantak Chias Teaching

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Over a thousand of trained teachers teach him today worldwide universal Tao. After twenty years in the West Mantak Chia lives since in Thailand , where it has created a unique seminar and health center, the " Tao Garden " near Chiang Mai. Healthy eating according to the Chinese five elements theory is a prerequisite and is achieved by using organic point of home-grown food.

The accompanying purification of body and soul is amplified by a variety of physical exercises and specific massage techniques. The Tao Garden Clinic presents with Chinese doctors and various methods of purification and convalescence the medical part of this wonderful place available. His teaching is now known worldwide and is becoming increasingly popular. Since , the Tao Master teaches regularly in Germany and is one of the most successful teachers.

The by him publish books and writings were published at 54 publishers worldwide. UHT Inner Alchemy. Multi-Orgasic Sexual Alchemy for Couples. Fusion III. The goal of these practices is to learn the inward Qi Gong View and begin the elimination of energetic imbalances in our body-soul-mind unity.

7 secrets of taoist alchemy

But where do you begin with which method? With the 'Inner Alchemy Astrology' we can easily visualize the distribution of the 5 elements in our body and organs and thus recognize, where our workplace is and which 'Healing Art' promises to be successful. The second part covers the complex of inner sexual alchemy , that is the work with Jing Chi, our sexual power - in both women and men. Jing chi is the sexual essence, it is formed in the sexual organs.

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In women, it is the energy of the ovaries given to the eggs, in men, the energy of the semen. Jing Chi is denser than chi, moves slower in the body, nourishes the organs as it moves through the body. The cultivation of Jing Chi, which is moved in our "love organs" is one of the few ways to replenish our stock - our Chi account, so to speak. Closely connected to the endocrine system, our genitalia can produce large amounts of sexual energy, an extremely fiery energy, powerful, alive - but not permanent.

In order to store it, it has to be directed to the organs and not exclusively allowed to remain in the sexual organs or "wasted"; i. From Chinese health science we know that feelings and emotions do not arise in the brain, but according to archetypal patterns in the 5 major organs. People often develop energy blockages in their internal organs, which are caused by nodules and entanglements of the intestinal tract. Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive anxiety, depression and pondering can do great harm to our body.

Energy losses can also result from overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs and toxins, bad and contaminated food, and especially job insecurity.

These disharmonious emotions and toxic energies seek to discharge and so deposit themselves on and around the organs in our body, that can process portions of this emotional garbage. However, there are usually enough blockages back to hinder the flow of energy in the body, which usually leads to disease at some point.

Disharmonic emotions can cause such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction can even lead to total failure.

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The Chi Nei Tsang massage system, so to speak, allows access to those places where energetic patterns manifest in the physical body The exact connections have not yet been researched here, but the efficient effectiveness of the Chi Nei Tsang massage system astonishes and excites the participants again and again. Cosmic Healing Qi Gong is a hitherto largely unknown method to specifically absorb cosmic energy, to store it and to use it for health and long life - for yourself and others.

By activating hands and acupuncture points, vitalizing forces flow in and through the entire body. This prevents the exhaustion of one's own energy resources and supplies fresh energy. The goal of this practice is to strengthen the chi of the practitioner and to develop his ability to give chi to others. The exercises are based on the Shaolin 'Finger Qi Gong', from which the Kong Jing Qi Gong has been derived, about which there are hardly any publications and that is rarely taught. Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with different visualizations, including colored Chi.

However, Master Mantak Chia himself warns against the inexperienced use of some of these techniques.

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Through the practitioner's inner preparation with the basic exercises, and especially with the techniques of the Cosmic Healing Qi Gong, the practitioner's mental and spiritual abilities are trained and developed. The Taoist health system is largely based on the elements and roots of classical and traditional Chinese medicine.

Learn to protect yourself by transforming the painful emotions offered by our brothers and sisters into useful body energies. The old system of 'sucking shamans' is still used, but today we are no longer trained to protect ourselves from the burdensome, emotional external energies and mental attacks from outside. Grand Master Mantak Chia shows us how to build up simple protective fields and gives you the opportunity to balance your own body energy system - practical mental hygiene, so to speak.

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