Scanning Probe Lithography

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Advanced scanning probe lithography

Advanced scanning probe lithography. Some of these methods have demonstrated a high degree of robustness and patterning capabilities that are unmatched by other lithographic techniques.

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However, the limited throughput of scanning probe lithography has prevented its exploitation in technological applications. View on PubMed. Open Access. Save to Library.

Hard tips for improving scanning probe lithography

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Scanning tunneling microscopy

Advanced oxidation scanning probe lithography. Yu Kyoung Ryu , Ricardo Garcia.

Lithography Techniques Using Scanning Probe Microscopy

Fleming , Omid T. Ghalehbeygi , Ben S. Routley , Adrian Wills.

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References Publications referenced by this paper. Fast nanomechanical spectroscopy of soft matter.

Thermal scanning probe lithography t-SPL is a nanofabrication technique in which an immobilized thermolabile resist, such as polyphthalaldehyde PPA , is locally vaporized by a heated atomic force microscope tip. Compared with other nanofabrication techniques, such as soft lithography and nanoimprinting lithography, t-SPL is more efficient and convenient as it does not involve time-consuming mask productions or complicated etching procedures, making it a promising candidate technique for the fast prototyping of nanoscale topographies for biological studies.

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Here, we established the direct use of PPA-coated surfaces as a cell culture substrate. We showed that PPA is biocompatible and that the deposition of allylamine by plasma polymerization on a silicon wafer before PPA coating can stabilize the immobilization of PPA in aqueous solutions. When seeded on PPA-coated surfaces, human mesenchymal stem cells MSC adhered, spread, and proliferated in a manner indistinguishable from cells cultured on glass surfaces.