Objections to Christian Belief

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I knew some Christians once and they wronged me I'll take my chances.

Really Listening to Atheists: Taking Nonbelief Seriously

I am not that bad a person I am too old or too young to be a Christian I can't believe in a God who would send people to hell I will worry about God in the next life I don't want to give up what I like doing Christianity is boring I am an atheist. Or, Why did God make us? What about those who have never heard the Gospel? Jesus is only one of many great men of history Why is there evil and suffering in the world? What makes Jesus so special? Why did Jesus have to die in order for me to go to heaven? What makes you think the Bible is the word of God?

Addressing Moral Objections to Christianity - nosimimuco.ml

The Bible was written to look like Jesus fulfilled prophecy The Bible is full of contradictions. How do I know which religion is right?

Six Common Objections to Christianity

As he processed the sermon, he doubled back to make sure he heard me right:. How could anyone conclude that about Jesus?


After he unloaded those thoughts, there was a silence like an awkward elevator ride. The look on his face was exactly what you would expect if I had told him I was a taco. My first instinct was to spin my message to make the Bible more reasonable to a secular worldview. I could soften some claims and smooth out some of the rougher edges. Our conversations were incredibly helpful to me as a pastor. He had provocative questions.

Don Stewart :: What Objections Do People Have about Becoming a Christian?

He was open about his disagreements. And the more we talked, the more we understood each other, even though our views remained at odds.

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Sensing that Christians would benefit from more insights like this conversation lead to a research project and now a book and sermon series called Christians Might Be Crazy. I was hoping to release the findings of the massive project along with a book some years ago, but a complicated season kept that from happening.

This research was conducted in , before the presidential election that ushered in the current culture war. Perhaps the findings of this research were a bit prophetic, revealing what was on the horizon and what has now become our current political, moral, and spiritual crisis. If the research is in fact accurate, then a deep and profound tectonic spiritual shift was well under way in Western culture and has since erupted onto the surface.

Another recent shift that has precipitated the release of this project was the passing of Billy Graham, the beloved Christian leader who helped de ne evangelicalism to generations of Americans. His passing leaves in question what will become of that movement. Widely associated with the political Right, evangelicalism now lacks a singular primary leader, and it seems impossible in the current contentious climate that anyone will be able to assume the mantle Billy Graham gracefully carried for so many years. Three-quarters of the survey participants were Dechurched Dones.

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One quarter was Unchurched Nones. The people who took the call and engaged in conversations that lasted an average of 12 minutes were all between ages 18 and 44, with a median age of Here is an overview of what we discovered:.