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In order to follow these demos, you should have downloaded the following JAR files from the Maven repository :. You'll need a few additional JAR files, as well; most are common to both conversion techniques.

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I'll provide information on obtaining these JAR files shortly. Data binding lets you map serialized data to a Java object. For example, suppose you have a small XML document that describes a single planet. Listing 4 presents this document. Listing 5 presents an equivalent Java Planet class whose objects map to planet. The conversion process requires that you first parse the XML into a Planet object. You can accomplish this task by working with the com.

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XmlMapper class, as follows:. XmlMapper is a customized com. ObjectMapper that reads and writes XML. Each readValue method requires a javax. XMLStreamReader object as its first argument. This object is essentially a StAX-based stream-based parser for efficiently parsing text in a forward manner.