Futuristics: Looking Ahead (Tackling Tomorrow Today)

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We look at the benefits for the insurance brands whose drones are in full flight. ING Direct Australia talk banking and content in the future. Whirlpool forums: should finance brands have a presence? After almost 20 years, the Whirlpool forums have close to , members. We look at how a brand might have a presence within the Finance threads.

Is live video a viable marketing tool for finance brands? Live video streaming has been enthusiastically embraced for personal use — now the time is ripe for finance brands to turn the popular format into a marketing tool. What financial services brands need to do to rank on Google. A Searchmetrics' whitepaper has revealed some surprising insights into the key factors that influence where financial services brands rank on Google.

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As of April this year, Quora has a staggering average of million monthly users. We explore how financial services marketers can reap the benefits. Marketing to first home buyers: time for a refresh. In the current state of housing unaffordability for first home buyers, banks need to rethink their marketing message if they want to be heard.

How images can help finance brands get found on Google. How super brands are using tech to get customers to care. If superannuation brands want younger generations to actively engage and become advocates for the brand, they need to bring tech into the equation. Big data: should finance brands toe the line? We weigh up the benefits for customers and brands. LinkedIn tells what content works best for financial brands. Facebook Messenger poised to overtake email marketing.

Where email fails, Facebook Messenger prevails. HubSpot shares how a financial brand might use Messenger to reach 1. How finance brands can leverage content with Outbrain. Report: 20 leading Australian retail banks most active on social media. Why finance brands should embrace biometrics. From fingerprint scanning to iris recognition, selfies to voice tracking, UK banks are embracing biometric security to improve their customer experience.

Wikipedia for finance brands: make your page an asset. How Wikipedia works, and the options finance brands have to massage their page and maintain control of their brand. Audience needs: the starting point for financial content. Former journalist and Dubs MD, Josh Frith, tells why finance brands need to think more like media outlets and less like marketers.

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Amplification and distribution: lessons for finance brands. Content on LinkedIn: finance brands win back trust.

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With trust in business on the decline globally, financial brands need to counteract and rebuild customer trust, with the help of LinkedIn. Social banking: is it a threat for financial brands? Social media is playing a greater role than ever in financial services — first, interactive chatbots, and now, even transferring money via Facebook. Content on Twitter: tips for financial brands.

Twitter's manager for financial brands, Maeve McArdle, lays down insider tips for content mastery on this ever-evolving platform. We showcase insurance brands who are using gamification to achieve benefits for the business and their customers. Financial literacy: Consumers look to banks for help. When it comes to financial literacy, the UK is lagging behind the likes of Estonia and Latvia.

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So, what's the opportunity for finance brands? Why Facebook is following in Netflix's footsteps. Facebook has signed a deal to double down on video content. We asked Hubspot to share the three biggest mistakes financial content marketers make with inbound marketing. Financial brands need to re-think the gamer myths. George Bank saw past the gaming stereotypes and seized the opportunity to get in front of a 16 million-strong audience. Client: Aberdeen Asset Management. How Aberdeen wins with owned and paid content. James Whiteman, head of investment communications at Aberdeen shares some key learnings from their award-winning blog.

Why personalised video is taking off in finance. Personalised videos are no longer the stuff of science fiction.

Nigel Lester from Pitney Bowes tells us how the tech can work for brands. When it comes to your Adwords campaign, there are seven ways you can maximise impact and avoid common and costly mistakes. Reddit: How finance brands can get closer to customers. We spoke to Reddit to find out how finance brands can get even closer to consumers in their million strong global community.

Why chatbots will rule everyday banking. What is marketing automation and why should you be using it? VR and financial brands: big rewards for early adopters. If a report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch is to be believed, virtual reality could help financial brands strike up new conversations with customers.

How Prudential conquered content marketing.

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We take a look at just how Prudential has dominated a traditionally difficult commercial landscape with courageous, customer-focused content. Challenger banks: how Atom is winning the race. The UK is in the midst of a challenger banking revolution: As the dust settles, which brands are showing signs of success? UK financial content marketing update. Financial brands in the UK have traditionally been a little slower to embrace content marketing, compared to their trail-blazing US counterparts.

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But that's changing. How to restore customer trust through content. How can brands keep and, importantly, restore customer confidence?

We talk to Leon Bombotas about Newsroom. The financial services industry is investing heavily in new technology and innovation across a host of platforms, but there's plenty of work left to do. Flipboard 4. And the winner of the 21st Webby Awards is Which social content works best for finance brands? NewsWhip content strategist Gabriele Boland reveals how to break through the digital noise on social media in an age where reaching and engaging your audience is becoming harder.

How voice recognition is changing the game for content. How to use influencers in financial content marketing. What you need to know about the dark art of dark social. The rise of dark social creates new marketing opportunities for finance brands, and shouldn't be ignored. The future of Artificial Intelligence in banking. Meet Jude, your future private banker.

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Jude founder Ben Lynch shares his vision for an enhanced customer experience in retail banking. The power of short-form video in branded content. When combined with real-time data, online video is a powerful storytelling medium that is expected to dominate all content consumed on the internet. Financial institutions are embracing social media to communicate their corporate social responsibility efforts. Find out who comes out swinging.