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For Teuthis from Arcadia , who had joined the army, had a quarrel with Agamemnon at Aulis, and because of it he returned home. But before leaving, Athena tried to persuade him to go to war, and then he wounded her in the thigh. When the dispute started between King Agamemnon and Achilles concerning the latter's sweetheart Briseis , whom the king threatened to take away from him, Achilles was very close to draw his sword and kill Agamemnon , but then Athena came down from heaven, and appearing to him alone and seizing him by his hair, prevented him from attacking the king.

And when he protested, she told him:. Three times as many glorious gifts shall be yours on account of the king's arrogance. But refrain, and obey me. Homer, Iliad 1. Athena was present in many occasions during the Trojan War, helping the Achaeans, for she never forgave the seducer Paris , nor his family and country, nor the humiliation she suffered on Mount Ida, when he judged in favor of Aphrodite. So he was killed by Achilles. That is why all kind of calamities afflicted them during their return from Troy , suffering storms at sea, shipwreck and death.

But she felt pity for Odysseus , and helped him during his wanderings, so that he could return to Ithaca.

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Sign up for an AWS account. She would later assist Odysseus again multiple times during his long journey back home to Ithaca.

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She is seen when Annabeth is being lured by the Sirens , described as wearing hiking boots and jeans and casual clothing. She was sitting with Luke and Annabeth's father, Frederick Chase , supposedly at a picnic in the redesigned Manhattan that Annabeth designed. At the winter solstice , when Zeus asks the room if Percy should be left alive as he could be dangerous, Athena, along with Ares and Dionysus half-heartedly , do not raise their hands to defend him, but they were out-ruled by the majority.

Athena later tells Percy not to judge her too harshly and that he is a big risk to take. Percy replies by saying, " So you're saying you shouldn't take risks? Percy wants to argue, but is left speechless, thinking "she is pretty darn smart". The goddess leaves after warning him that she does not approve of his relationship with her daughter, Annabeth. Athena knows that Typhon is a distraction and that Kronos sent him through the United States to get them away from Olympus , so he could send his army to overtake it.

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She convinces Zeus to send Hermes to tell them that it is a trap and gives them information. She tells Annabeth to "Try Plan 23" and Percy to "Remember the rivers," and also to stay away from her daughter. Athena later tasks Annabeth as the designer to rebuild Olympus. She praises Annabeth's abilities to everyone making Annabeth very proud. She also votes for awarding Percy immortality, though she turns to look at Annabeth when she says this and most likely noticed her stricken expression at the thought of losing Percy. After the council meeting, Athena privately talks to Percy saying that she could have been wrong about him, but not necessarily say she was.

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  8. Later, Athena asked why Percy would give up immortality and he first says that he could not leave Annabeth and then quickly adds that he could not leave Grover Underwood either. She then quickly tells Percy to "spare her" and disappears in a column of flame that singes his shirt. She also mentioned a meeting with her mother about a month ago, where she was given the worst present of her life from her meeting. The Romans, after conquering the Greeks, decided to crush their rivals by stealing the Athena Parthenos , breaking their and Athena's spirit.

    The Romans changed Athena and reduced her to a goddess of crafts and wisdom, taking away her title as a war goddess and replacing her with other gods like Bellona and Mithras , much to her anger. Since her counterpart, Minerva, was a strict maiden, Reyna , Octavian , Terminus , and the other Romans at New Rome were distraught to see her daughter Annabeth, calling it scandalous. While on the Argo II on the way to Rome , Annabeth recalls her meeting with Athena prior to the beginning of the journey. Annabeth thought she saw her mother near Sweet in America where she was studying a map, wishing that Odysseus was there to aid her.

    Annabeth tried to talk to her, but she was in the form of Minerva and had no recollection of Annabeth as her daughter. She claimed that the Romans reduced her importance, but Annabeth states that Athena is not about revenge. As Minerva however, the goddess only seems to crave vengeance for how they disgraced her. When Annabeth asks for help on locating Percy, she says that since Percy has allied with the Romans, he should perish with them and then she hands Annabeth a coin. She then tells Annabeth to avenge her and to "follow the mark," before restating she needed to find the way home.

    In Charleston , Aphrodite states that Athena was affected the most by the splitting of the Greek and Roman gods, because she was the most worshiped Greek god, being the patron of Athens itself.

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    Later, in the lair of Arachne , Annabeth states that Arachne was better than Athena in the weaving of tapestries and starts to doubt her mom's ability as several of Arachne's weavings are better than those of her mother. After trapping the spider in a Chinese finger-cuff that she got Arachne to weave, Annabeth gloats on how the arachnid had done a great service to Athena by protecting the Athena Parthenos , but Arachne decides to destroy her lair instead of seeing Annabeth win.

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    Before the floor completely caves in, the Argo II blasts a hole in the ceiling and saves Annabeth as Arachne fell into the pit to Tartarus. They load the statue of Athena onto the Argo II , but Arachne managed to pull Annabeth and Percy into the pit using her thread that was still attached to Annabeth.

    Athena appears in Annabeth 's dream while she is in Tartarus with Percy , telling her that she has done well in her quest to retrieve the Athena Parthenos. However, she also tells her that the statue has to be returned by the Romans at Camp Half-Blood , in order to seal the rift between both camps. When Reyna fights the giant Orion , her sheer bravery greatly impresses Athena, who gives her part of Aegis for her cloak. Aegis shields Reyna from a powerful blast and she is stunned when Athena speaks to her to tell her about giving her Aegis.

    During Reyna's subsequent attack on Orion, she can sense both Athena and Bellona supporting her, though neither appears in person to help. Instead, they give Reyna the strength she needs to kill Orion on her own. Reyna is able to use her Aegis-infused cloak to strangle Orion to death. As a result, Athena promptly arrives in Athens to participate in the final battle with the Giants.

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    She is dressed in golden full Greek battle armor and helps her daughter Annabeth slay Enceladus , after which Hades sends his body back to Tartarus. Athena's sanity is fully restored and no longer afflicted between her vengeful Roman counterpart, Minerva. After the Giants' defeat, Athena is seen later rebuking the advancements of Hermes with her fearsome Aegis shield, and gives advice to the Olympian council giving Jason a glance of approval when the demigods are trying to decide on the best way to reach Camp Half-Blood in time to stop Gaea and the Romans from attacking.

    When facing the god Serapis , Annabeth finds that Athena has removed all of her books from her backpack and left her a square of ambrosia and her magical Yankees cap instead. Annabeth is stunned as the cap hasn't worked since her argument with Minerva and realizes that if Athena herself is getting involved, Serapis must truly be a major threat. Using her restored cap, Annabeth and Sadie Kane are able to defeat Serapis and Annabeth interprets the return of her cap as a message from Athena that her days of using stealth to defeat an enemy aren't over yet and she will need it in the future.

    Magnus Chase mentioned her as the mother of his cousin Annabeth. As the goddess of wisdom, Athena is exceptionally brilliant, quick-witted, and disciplined. He actually noted that she might be the worst enemy someone could make, for she would never give up or make a rash mistake simply because she hated you.